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RC L-Carnitine XS Liquid 3000MG
RC L-Carnitine XS Liquid 3000MG
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RC L-Carnitine XS Liquid 3000MG

  • RC L-Carnitine XS Liquid 3000MG

  • Product Code: L-Carnitine XS Liquid 3,000MG
  • Brand: Rule one
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Why Use L-Carnitine?

Convenient liquid shot for faster delivery into the blood stream

Added Pantothenic Acid which works directly with carnitine to help convert macronutrients into energy. It’s also great for maintenance of healthy cellular metabolism

L-Carnitine is also important for bodybuilding, mainly because it minimizes the fat buildup around the muscle and provides better synthetic reception of gluco-corticoids and an increase of ATP.

Carnitine is the only conditional amino acid that you can supplement for long-term use


How Does It Work

  1. It all starts with triggering the methionine and lysine to manufacture carnitine 
  1. Then, the element is used for transporting the long-chain fatty acids in order to enter and be removed from the inside of a cell
  1. The result is simple - carnitine is beneficial for preventing fatty acid buildup within the heart, liver and muscle as well as improving the anti-oxidizing effects of the vitamins C and E.
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